Welcome to the Wolpert and me, Joe Heinrich, his assistent and mate, puppeteer, puppet builder,

author, filmmaker, comicartist and comedian. Following the different links, you'll find only explanations, descriptions and videos in german. A complete english-version is not planned yet. The Wolpert is a kind

of real bavarian jackalope and he is the world famous Wolpertinger (Bavarian Jackalopes). I am not only working for the Wolpert, I also work as a puppeteer, puppet builder and comedian, live on stage, for TV

and movie.

I played two well-known bavarian  politicians - like the "spitting image" TV-Show - for the bavarian TV Bayerisches Fernsehen. I also play "Kasperltheater" (similar to "Punch and Judy") for kids and a special medieval puppet theater all over Europe in different languages like french, italian, spanish and english.

If you have any question about puppets, puppet building, shows, etc., please contact me directly by

email:  joe[at]joeheinrich.de

Thanks for your visit, best regards
Joe Heinrich